Graduate supervision: Master’s Research Projects, Biomedical Communications, UofT

  • Nicole Clough: An interactive learning module on fetal blood supply and circulation for first-year medical student (2014)
  • Megan Kirkland: Head Over Wheels: A webcomic about relationships, spina bifida, and communication (2014)
  • Amanda Montañez: Visual tools to support informed choice in midwife-led maternity care (2014)
  • Jerusha Ellisa: The design of an illustrated patient education booklet about mental health services for newcomer women living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario (2013)
  • Erin Warkentin: Pressure ulcer target: Helping you keep the pressure off (2013)
  • Kate Campbell: A critical evaluation of the use of web-based water educational resources in the classroom and the role of visuals and interactive media in K-10 education (2012)
  • Bonnie Tang: Harnessing the power of visual point of view: Lowering anxiety in children undergoing endoscopic procedures (2012)
  • Marina Chang: Bladder wall thickening: The dynamic interaction between the bladder muscle cells and the extracellular matrix (2012)
  • Sheena Gingerich: Cancer seekers: Biomolecular probes in endoscopy (2011)
  • Nicole McLean: Interactive web-based guided support from an animated pedagogical agent applying previously developed therapeutic techniques to improve patient participation and success in sexual re-education, patient education and vaginal trainer exercises for vaginismus (2011)
  • Carly Vanderlee: Your journey through the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (2011)
  • Lucy Zhang: Visualizing the technique of thoracic epidurals in a paediatric population using electrical stimulation and ultrasound guidance (2011)
  • Gwun-Yee Chin: Visualizing the motor movements of autism using motion capture animation to facilitate differential diagnosis (2010)
  • Wensi Sheng: A 3D visualization depicting the optical molecular imaging technique: an emerging technology to optimize radiotherapy through monitoring radiation response of tumors, their microvasculature and microenvironment (2010)
  • Caitlin LaFlamme: Development and evaluation of interactive web-based media for use in women’s substance use and rehabilitation services (2009)
  • Tess Peters: Formative evaluation to determine effective visual communication strategies for an interactive web-based decision aid in prenatal screening and diagnosis (2009)

Undergraduate supervision

  • Amreet Sidhu: The role of visual complexity in animations of renal physiology at the undergraduate level (HMB499Y1: Research Project in Human Biology, 2012)