ROM-turtle-thumbnailThis portfolio contains three galleries.

Medical art contains examples of my work as a medical illustrator. Before joining the Biomedical Communications program, I worked for several years as a multimedia developer at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as a member of the AboutKidsHealth team. There, I developed illustrations and animations for paediatric patient and family education and worked as a consultant on Plain Language. One of my central projects, and one close to my heart, was the creation of a web module about intersex conditions for use in patient counselling.

Graphic medicine contains samples of two graphic narratives I have worked on, one personal, the other in collaboration with Michael Sappol of the National Library of Medicine.

Sketchbook contains just that: selected pages from my sketchbooks. I’m partial to the Moleskine brand−a lovely format, heft, and tint−and enjoy the deep seeing that comes from drawing.